I am talking about Cricket here, today India is going to play against Pakistan in Asia Cup. It’s gonna be tough match but I don’t know I feel like India is gonna loose this match..I hope my this doesn’t come true..(I don’t want India to loose)

From first match only they looked sad, the Josh was missing. I was expecting Indians to score some good runs on the board against UAE but then failed to do so. I was expecting a lot from Sachin but I think now he is changed, tries to play more defensive shots, he plays for his career not for the country,plays real slow not like he used to play before.

On the other end Sehwag plays well but he too can’t stay for long, we can call it as his mistakes in his game play or may be his bad luck which is not letting him score 50+

Bowling and fielding were quite ok but I am not happy with the Batting, the top order doesn’t play the way they should play.